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Black powder was invented in the 9th century by the Chinese. By the 10th century, the same people also invented the very distant ancestor of modern guns, called the fire lance.

These inventions quickly spread across the Middle East and Europe.

The earliest true guns

earliest true guns

Italians, probably in the 14th century, were perhaps the first people to create hand-cannons (or schioppi), which were portable enough to be considered the first personal guns. From there, designs changed and evolved, and by the late 15th century personal firearms were already part of the Ottoman Empire’s infantry.

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Modern guns

Guns, as we know them today, were developed in the mid- to late 19th century. There are now many categories of firearms on the market. Repeating firearms can hold more than one cartridge and can be fired repeatedly between chargings.

Some repeaters use a bolt action system to eject the fired cartridge case and insert a new cartridge into the firing chamber, while others use a lever or a slide for the same result.

Another design uses a system whereby a small amount of the propellant gas drawn from the barrel, or just the gun’s recoil, to operate their mechanisms.

Some of these guns are also known as self-loading or semi-automatic, if they can shoot once every time the trigger is pulled, or automatic if the fire continuously until the trigger is released.

Pistols can be semi-automatic as well, except for revolvers. A revolver features a rotating cylinder which holds several cartridges and serves as the firing chamber simultaneously.

No matter what type of gun you’d prefer to own, you should always buy them from places you can trust. The right gun dealers will help you choose the best firearm for you at the best price for your budget.

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