Gun Shop in Detroit, Michigan

Gun Shop in Detroit, Michigan

The gun industry consists of researching and developing, engineering, producing, and servicing firearms for the military and law enforcement, as well as for civilians.

An arsenal is a place where arms and ammunition are made, repaired, or stored, whether publicly or privately owned.

The modern gun industry began in the second half of the 19th century when the first large firearm companies started expanding.

Today, it is one of the biggest industries worldwide, with many manufacturers competing on the market.


Gun Ownership in the U.S.

Many civilians choose to own guns for their own protection. A study conducted by the Harvard University found that the percentage of gun ownership in a country is inversely proportional to the crime rate.

In short, the more guns a nation owns, the less crime. In the United States, there are currently about 300 million civilian-owned guns.

That translates to approximately one gun for each man, woman, and child in America. A third of the population owns at least one gun, and many households are home to multiple firearms. And they serve their purpose well.

Crime rates have significantly gone down in the last 50 years, mostly thanks to more people owning firearms.

About 200,000 women use guns to protect themselves from sexual violence every year.


If you want to defend yourself or your home in case you ever need to, you should visit a professional gun shop.

Ifatactical has both a physical and an online shop, so whether you want to come and see the guns in person before you buy them, or you find it more convenient to order online, we got you covered.

Our gun shop offers numerous guns, as well as ammunition, optics, mounts, gun cases, knives, and other accessories.

If you’re interested in joining the ever-increasing percentage of gun owners in America, you are in the right place.

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