Hunting Rifle Scope in Sterling Heights

Hunting Rifle Scope

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Are you looking for a new hunting rifle scope for the first time? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade an older scope? At IFA Tactical, we can help you with all your hunting needs. We have experts on staff who can help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

Features to Consider

It’s important to know what kind of magnification you want, either fixed, or variable, so you can adjust the scope’s viewing. While you may be thinking that variable magnification is the only way to go, since you can see further and clearer, but it won’t work as well in low light.

The size of the objective lens diameter affects how much light enters the scope. The larger lens can help offset a higher magnification, but you don’t want to go too large. A larger lens also means a heavier scope.

Another thing to consider, and potentially discuss with your seller, is what kind of is best for you. There are five types, from the traditional crosshair, all the way through to illuminated reticles, so there is a lot of choices. As each one has a purpose, it would be good if you considered the conditions you’ll be hunting in to figure out the right reticle for you.

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Choosing a Scope

Choosing the right rifle scope can be as important as selecting the right rifle. It should be comfortable to use, and not cause strain, either in weight or on your eyes as you look through it. The eye relief refers to the comfortable distance you can hold your scope at and still see the whole image. A greater distance also means you don’t injure yourself in the recoil.

Unless you can guarantee the weather, you’ll want to make sure your scope is waterproof. While it’s almost certain to be, why not check and make sure? A lens coating to improve the light that enters the scope, and allows you to see more clearly. Check with IFA Tactical to see about getting your lenses coated.

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