Kentucky Percussion Black Powder Pistol in Sterling Heights

Kentucky Percussion Black Powder Pistol in Sterling Heights

Kentucky Percussion Black Powder Pistol

In the finest traditions of DIY, Traditions has a unique offering, the Kentucky percussion black powder pistol kit. Since black powder firearms are so basic, it’s simple to put them together yourself. This is a great activity to fill those quiet winter evenings and is perfect for the whole family.

About the Kentucky Pistol

In order to generate the proper enthusiasm for this building kit, it would help to know more about the pistol in question. The favored gun of the frontiersman David Crockett during his militia days, the pistol gained fame as he did. Later, it was the chosen pistol of early 19th century explorers and American pioneers, too.

One reason for its intense popularity with Crockett is because the one piece stock offers excellent balance and thus, better accuracy. The pistol is still only accurate to 25 yards, which for the time was sufficient.

Features of the Kentucky Pistol Kit

Black Powder Pistol

If you’ve been looking for a DIY kit that can hold your attention, the Kentucky pistol from Traditions is perfect. Take the opportunity to recreate this American classic in your own home.

The parts are precision machined, so all you have to do is assemble them and stain the hardwood grip. It has an octagonal, blued steel barrel that’s 10 inches long and can fire a .50 caliber bullet. The kit comes with all the parts and screws you’ll need to make this iconic pistol.

Well balanced, it has a bird’s head grip, brass ramrod thimbles, a fixed sight, and a case colored side lock. Assembling the Kentucky pistol can give you more understanding of how firearms work and can increase your appreciation for the tools of the past.

The Kentucky Pistol Kit can help your family develop an interest in American history as well as an appreciation for the firearms available today.

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