Keystone Guns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Keystone Guns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Keystone Guns

Keystone traces its roots back to 1994 when Bill McNeal and his son Steve were approached by a gentleman with a Chipmunk .22 caliber rifle at an auction in Pennsylvania. The two McNeals liked the feel and the look of this small, youth-friendly rifle, and decided to purchase some. They called the manufacturer about it, but instead of being offered a deal for the rifles, they were asked if they were interested in buying the entire company. While they were interested, the purchase never materialized.

But these experiences got Bill and Steve thinking, and they soon decided to manufacture their own rifles. And that’s how their firearm business started.

How the Davey Crickett Rifle Was Designed

The Keystone company was founded in 1996, and it had only 4 employees at first.

They worked with design engineers and other industry experts, creating the Davey Crickett single shot .22 caliber youth rifle. The rifle was marketed as Crickett, Davey Crickett, and My First Rifle.

Four thousand of them were produced in the first year, and Keystone has been growing ever since.

Davey Crickett Rifle

A Kid-Friendly Gun Suited for All Ages

The Keystone Arms Crickett is specifically designed to be kid-friendly, but it can also be used by adults who are seeking a smaller size, lightweight rifle that they can take backpacking, for example. The rifle is inexpensive but finely built, making it a perfect beginner’s gun. The company has also introduced a repeating rifle design, the Model 722. This one comes in four variants: Classic, Compact, Sporter, and Varmint. At the moment, Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC is the number 10 long gun manufacturer in the U.S.

Keystone guns are the perfect choice for adults, but especially for the youth. If you’d like to teach your children how to shoot a rifle, the Crickett line is the best place to start from. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

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