Legacy Sports Guns for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

Legacy Sports Guns for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

Legacy Sports Gun

Legacy Sports International, LTD is a trusted and popular importer of firearms and shooting accessories from all around the world. They are known as the source of well-respected of sporting goods brands such as Howa, Escort, Pointer, Webley & Scott, Citadel, Nikko Stirling Optics, and Webley for other dealers and individual gun enthusiasts in America.

Legacy Sports guns include Webley airguns, Citadel handguns, Webley & Scott rifles, Pointer shotguns, Escort shotguns and rifles, and Howa rifles. If you’re a fan of these trusted and high-quality brands, you can purchase them directly from the Legacy Sports International online store or from local gun dealers near you like IFA Tactical.

Where are Legacy Sports guns manufactured?

Legacy Sports guns are made by overseas manufacturers and imported from all over the world. Turkey manufactures many of these Legacy Sports brands and their products such as the Escort shotguns, and the Pointer semi-auto shotguns.

Meanwhile, the Howa Machinery, LTD, which makes Howa rifles and Webley and Scott, is located in Japan. Nikko-Stirling Optics products are also made there using optical technology developed in Japan. Armscor, which manufactures Citadel centerfire handguns, is headquartered in the Philippines.

Legacy Sports guns online

How can I purchase Legacy Sports guns online?

Buying Legacy Sports guns and shooting accessories online on the IFA Tactical shop is easy. Just place your order (via credit card payment method) on our online shop. Then, choose between our in-store pickup or direct door delivery options. We can help you with all the paperwork as well as provide you with whatever information you need to find the best gun for your personal needs.

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