Lever Action Guns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Lever Action Guns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Lever action guns use a lever located around the trigger guard area to load new cartridges into the chamber of the barrel.

Lever Action Guns

How Many Types of Lever Action Guns Are Out There?

Usually, lever action guns are rifles, though there are some lever action shotguns and a few pistol models that use this loading system. Many companies manufacture lever action rifles, such as Henry and Marlin, but perhaps the most famous such gun is the Winchester Model 1873 rifle.

Although the term lever action usually implies a repeating firearm design, it is often wrongfully applied to certain single shot or falling block action guns that use a lever for cycling.

Early Models and History

The first such rifles to appear on the market were Colt’s 1st and 2nd Model Ring Lever rifles, produced between 1837 and 1841 by the Patent Arms Mfg. Co. Paterson, N.J. Colt’s Patent. The ring lever was placed in front of the trigger, which, when pulled, would index the cylinder to the next position.

The Volcanic pistol, together with several other lever-action designs, was created before the American Civil War. However, the first notable lever action designs were the Henry rifle and the Spencer repeating rifle. The Spencer rifle was lever operated magazine fed rifle, and it was designed in 1860 by Christopher Spencer. By the 1890s, lever action rifles had evolved to be so strong and durable that they would last for more than a century. Savage Arms Company became better known after it developed and produced the hammerless lever action models 1855 and 1899.

Lever action rifles have always been popular with hunters and sporting shooters, especially for hunting in forests, scrub, or bushland. They possess a greater rate of fire than bolt-action rifles, which makes them better for these activities.

Lever Action Guns For Sale Online In Sterling Heights

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