Lever Action Handguns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Lever Action Handguns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Lever action guns

Lever action guns use a lever placed next to or around the trigger guard area to load new rounds into the barrel chamber. Most lever actions are rifles, but a few handguns exist as well. Out of them, perhaps the most famous one is the Mare’s Leg.

What Is a Mare’s Leg?

This lever action handgun is, in fact, a modified version of a repeating rifle that was made for a TV show originally. It looks and feels like a pistol, but it fires as fast as a rifle.

Western movies fans might already recognize this iconic gun, created for, and popularized by Steve McQueen in his television series.

McQueen’s bounty hunter character used the Mare’s Leg in many of his adventures on his quests to bring outlaws to justice.

It was first introduced in 1957, in a TV show called Trackdown.

A total of three such guns were made for McQueen throughout the years the series ran in prime time.

During the show and ever since the Mare’s Leg has fascinated many viewers.

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The Mare’s Leg Concept and Other Details

A gunsmith named Kenny Howard created the gun by cutting short a Winchester Model 1892 rifle. McQueen was also part of the designing process, adding a few touches of his own.

A large portion of the buttstock was removed as well, and the resulting barrel measured 9 inches in length.

As Steve McQueen’s show became a classic, his gun gained a fan base, too.

Many companies began replicating the Mare’s Leg, some doing so by employing the same technique used for the original: cutting down Winchester rifles.

Other companies have made it into original pistols, creating one of the few and valuable lever action handguns.

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