Lever Action Shotguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Lever Action Shotguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Lever action shotguns are so called because they use a lever to load new cartridges into the barrel chamber.

The lever is conveniently located around the trigger area.

Although most guns to use this lever loading system are rifles, some lever action shotguns also exist, and they are definitely worth a try.

History of Lever Action Shotguns

The 19th century saw many attempts at creating bolt action or lever action repeating shotguns. One of these models, and the first one to achieve success was the lever action Winchester Model 1887 shotgun.

Winchester was known at the time for their lever action rifles, so they wished to continue this tradition when they introduced a shotgun with the same action.

The Model 1887 was later followed by an improved Winchester Model 1901.

However, these shotguns were discontinued in 1920 in favor of newer models that used different actions.

Chiappa, ADI Ltd., and Norinco have replicated and created their own line mimicking the original.

Lever Action Today

Lever Action

These old shotguns might have lost their popularity a century ago, but some of the more recent manufacturers have designed lever action shotguns of their own.

The Veloce is one such example; a unique lever operated gun by Verny-Carron, a French firearm company.

Similarly, there is the Adler A110 lever action sold by a Turkish manufacturer. The A110 has been quite successful on the Australian as well as the North American markets.

Observing the increasing success of the Adler A110, other gun makers from Turkey have followed the lead, and are now in the process of creating their own lever action shotguns, hoping to enter the same markets.

If you’d like to experience what it’s like to shoot with one, have a look at our lever action shotguns for sale online. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

Lever Action Shotguns For Sale Online In Sterling Heights

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