Lever Action Tactical Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Lever Action Tactical Shotgun in Sterling Heights

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Home security and defense is a top priority for many people, and for some, a lever action tactical shotgun is a better choice than a pump. For those who are already familiar and comfortable with a lever action rifle, there is no need to retrain, and in the heat of the moment habit and muscle memory will win.

What Is a Tactical Shotgun

A tactical shotgun has a few different features from a hunting shotgun. For a start, a tactical shotgun will have a shorter barrel, eighteen to twenty inches on average for better maneuverability. It should also have a repeating action with more than two shots available.

It will need to have sights, either front and rear or a decent quality red dot. This allows you to make the most of every shot. Since you’ll most likely be indoors, a twelve or twenty gauge is best. While a twelve gauge is the stronger, the twenty will still have plenty of bang with less recoil.

Unless you’re very good with a pistol grip, a tactical shotgun should have stock for better grip and security.

Lever Action Tactical Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Benefits of a Lever Action

A lever action doesn’t have definite benefits over a pump action in a tactical situation. The primary reason it may be preferred has more to do with familiarity and muscle memory.

If you usually shoot a lever action, then having one for home defense makes a lot of sense. A lever action is usually shorter than its pump or semi-auto counterparts, which also lends itself to tactical purposes.

In a situation that’s not home defense, a lever action allows a skilled shooter to fire rapidly with a fair degree of accuracy, depending on the load. Nostalgia and a proven action are a couple of other reasons why people still choose a lever action.

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