Lightweight Folding Knife in Sterling Heights

Lightweight Folding Knife

Not everyone who looks at a knife wants the one built like a tank that packs everything including the kitchen sink. Some people are looking for a lightweight folding knife that is light and can easily fit in your pocket. Durability and wear resistance are as important as ever, as knife makers try to reduce the weight of their knives.

Features of a Lightweight Knife

Lightweight knives aren’t just about their weight, though they do usually weigh less than four ounces. Most lightweight knives are more compact, as that seriously impacts the weight, and the lightest materials available are put to use.

The handle needs to be ergonomic because with the smaller sizes seen in a lightweight knife you’re more likely to experience hand fatigue. It’s not uncommon to have the pinkie finger unable to grip the handle, which can be uncomfortable for many. Fully titanium grips or lightweight, synthetic materials such as G10 are used to make the handle to keep the weight down.

The blade can measure anywhere between 1.5 and 3 inches, any longer than that and the knife will start to weigh too much. Some blades will also have titanium as part of their makeup, as it’s lighter than stainless steel.

Who Could Use a Lightweight Knife

Lightweight Knife

Backpackers, hunters, preppers, and campers are the most obvious ones who would need a lightweight knife. While the hunter and prepper will doubtless carry other knives, it’s prudent to have a backup, just in case. Backpackers and campers are always on the lookout for a durable, light knife to use as their everyday carry, and preferably one that has excellent edge retention.

Women, office workers, and those who live in urban areas may prefer to have a smaller, lightweight knife as their EDC. This reasoning has little to do with weight, however, and everything to do with size. Bigger isn’t always better.

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