Magnum Break Action Rifle in Sterling Heights


Many rifles and firearms available have been made for specific game, and this is also true of a magnum break action rifle Intended for large game, break action single shot rifles that can handle a magnum cartridge are the big boys of the rifle world.

What Is Magnum for a Rifle?

Magnum refers to the type of caliber used in a firearm. So a magnum cartridge is one that is larger than the standard of that type. For example, a .357 Magnum will be slightly larger in terms of firepower than a .357 caliber cartridge.

Often the differences are measured in terms of velocity and feet per second traversed by the bullet rather than in physical size, though some are simply bigger. The higher muzzle velocity means the bullet won’t drop as much over distances as a slower moving projectile.

The trade-off is that magnum cartridges will have a harder recoil, so shooters should be aware of that before purchasing magnums.


Why Choose A Magnum Single Shot Rifle

As mentioned above, a magnum rifle was made for a specific purpose, and most of the time that means big game. One example is the T/C Encore Pro Hunter chambered for a .460 S&W Magnum. This rifle was originally designed to hunt moose through thick brush, and everything about the makeup and design reflects that purpose.

Hunting an animal as large as a moose takes a great degree of skill on the part of the shooter, especially with only one shot at your disposal. Having a magnum caliber rifle to do that with is more ethical, plus you have a greater chance of making the kill.

As you can see from the example, a single shot rifle is more about skill and bragging rights than the number of shots fired in a minute, and about living in the moment.

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