Marlin Centerfire Lever Action Rifles in Detroit, Michigan

Marlin Centerfire Lever Action Rifles in Detroit, Michigan


Lever action rifles hold a place in our hearts and minds, both for their place in history and their use by cinematic legends like John Wayne. Marlin centerfire lever action rifles seek to make these legendary rifles as functional for modern purposes as their historical counterparts were in the Old West.


There are two types of cartridges: centerfire and rimfire. They’re best discussed together so that the differences are easier to understand.

A cartridge is made up of four distinct parts, the casing, the powder, the bullet, and the primer. The primer is struck by the firing pin, which sets off a small explosion, which then propels the bullet.

A rimfire cartridge has the primer in the edge, so that is where the pin strikes. The cartridge walls need to be thinner so that they crumple slightly at the blow, which means that rimfires are generally reserved for smaller caliber firearms.

A centerfire cartridge has the primer in the middle of the base of the casing, so the firing pin strikes a different point than a rimfire. These cartridges can be distinguished by the small dot of the primer, which is easily visible.

Why Choose Marlin Lever Action Rifles


Marlin rifles are popular wherever you look, for their quality workmanship, durability, and reliability. Some models, such as the 336, have been in production for over 50 years, which just showcases Marlin’s capabilities at creating a design that lasts.

For those who prefer a scope, Marlin makes some models that can take a scope or another form of optics. This is particularly valuable as two models, the MX and the MXLR can take the .308 Marlin Express cartridge, which allows you to fire up to 400 yards.

As you can see, Marlin has created a lever action rifle for all needs and preferences. Call or come visit our store, and our specialists can help you find the right one for you.

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Marlin Centerfire Lever Action Rifles In Sterling Heights 

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