Marlin Centerfire Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

Marlin Centerfire Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights


Are you looking for a classic look in your rifle? It doesn’t get more classic than Marlin centerfire lever action rifles. Stretching back to the days of the Old West, Marlin has been making rifles for over 140 years. They’re still producing the same high-quality rifles today that they did during the post-Civil War era.

What are Centerfire Rifles

A centerfire rifle is one that can shoot a centerfire cartridge. The centerfire cartridge has a primer cap set into the center of the base of the round. The striker hits this primer and sets off the powder, firing the bullet. Not all rifles fire this type of cartridge. The other style is the rimfire, which requires the rim to be struck in order to fire. So the striker pin is set at the time the rifle is being made and influences the entire makeup of the piece.

Centerfire cartridges are also larger caliber. Generally speaking, a centerfire round will be larger than a .22 caliber while the rimfire is smaller. Centerfire rounds are also far more reliable and are the choice for those who need their gun to fire no matter what. In short, a centerfire rifle is one that shoots a particular kind of cartridge. Having that rifle be the very reliable lever action rifle and you double the trustworthiness of the weapon.


Why Choose Marlin

Marlin has been producing some of the best lever action rifles for hunters and shooters since the 1800s. The only possible way a company can last that long with such a strong reputation is by consistently delivering on quality.

Their lever action rifles are reliable, durable, and accurate, exactly what you expect to see in your firearm. They are always innovating their range of firearms, so the models they sell now aren’t what your grandpa bought when he was a young man. Instead, they are better able to be dragged through the muck and still work with that legendary lever action dependability.

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