Marlin Guns for Sale Online in Detroit Michigan

Marlin Guns for Sale Online in Detroit Michigan

Marlin Firearms Co. is a manufacturer of semi-automatic, bolt action, and lever action rifles, founded in the 1870s by John Marlin. Originally an independent company located in North Haven, Connecticut, Marlin is now owned by Remington Arms, which produces Marlin-branded guns in its facilities located in New York and Kentucky. In the beginning, the company specialized in making pump action shotguns, lever action rifles, derringers, and revolvers, and it was the main competitor to Winchester.

World War I

Marlin became one of the largest machine gun producers for the United States and its Allies during World War I. It’s during that time that the M 1895 Colt-Browning machine gun was built, followed by a later variant called the Marlin Gun, which was optimized for aircraft use.

After the war, Marlin restored its image as a maker of sporting arms, which it managed to keep to this day.



Marlin guns have been around for a while, and in this time their list of products grew to be quite large. Some examples include:

  • The Marlin model 1895, introduced in 1895, scaled for cartridges such as 45-70 and 45-90
  • The Marlin Model 444, which has been produced from 1964 to present date, and which includes several variations
  • The Marlin Model 1896, a level action repeater
  • The Marlin Model 25M, a .22 WMR bolt action rifle
  • The Marlin Model 25 N, now called Model 925, a .22 Long and .22 Long Rifle cal. Bolt action rifle
  • The Marlin Model XT-22, of which 15 variations are available
  • The Marlin Levermatic, an innovative short throw lever action rifle
  • The popular .22 LR cal. Rifle, Marlin Model 60.

Marlin guns have a long tradition in the United States and stood the test of time. They’re one of the best American guns, made following the highest quality standards, and there’s a model to suit every type of personality and situation.

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