Marlin Lever Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Marlin Lever Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

There aren’t too many lever action shotguns in the world, which is a shame. The Marlin lever action shotgun was chambered for .410 gauge and became a favorite in certain groups whilst it was in production.

Why Choose A Lever Action?

Lever actions are more about the handling of the firearm and nostalgia. This style of action became famous with the Winchester 1873 rifle, and the first shotgun produced was Winchester’s Model 1887. So having a lever action shotgun is like trying out a small piece of history and appreciating how they lived.

In skilled hands, lever actions are fast firing, and the simplicity of the action makes them more reliable than a semi-auto. Plus, these shotguns are incredibly fun to shoot and will leave you wishing for more time and rounds. Those who are comfortable handling a lever action find there is no training necessary to use this shotgun as well.

The lever action has been around for over 150 years with remarkably few adjustments since conception, and those have to do with improved metallurgy.

Antique guns that won the wild west.

About The Marlin .410

The Marlin .410 lever action shotgun is no longer in production today, though it can be found with careful searching as it was a limited run back in 2003. The Marlin is a decent sized shotgun, weighing seven and a quarter pounds and has a 22-inch barrel. It uses Marlin’s 336 frame, which is a tried and tested winner from the company.

This small shotgun has very little recoil for its size and is fun to shoot, allowing you to fire many rounds before you need to take a break. It takes two and a half inch rounds, and being a lever action, isn’t too picky about the type or quality. So if you’re a home loader, you can absolutely use your own rounds for it.

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