Midland Backpack Shotgun in Sterling Heights


Over the last decade, there have been more offerings at budget prices for those of us who are financially conscious. Most of these are fairly generic and provide little in the way of surprises. The Midland backpack shotgun is one that has gone the extra mile.

What is a Backpack Shotgun

In short, the backpack shotgun is a lightweight folding shotgun with a single barrel that can fit into most backpacks. The actual specs offer a bit more insight into this great, affordable shotgun.

Weighing only 4.25 pounds, it has a strong recoil which Midland has taken a lot of care to address. The shotgun is available in 3 gauges, 12, 20, and .410, and has barrel lengths from 18.5 inches all the way to 26 inches, giving you a lot of options. The barrels are even interchangeable.

It’s a break action shotgun: When it folds, it forms an acute V shape. The trigger, guard, and cross-bolt safety are on the inside of the V, so there’s nothing to catch on your backpack. The shotgun comes with two spacers, so you can adjust the length of pull for comfort or for growing shooters.

Who Could use a Backpack Shotgun


The backpack shotgun is aimed primarily at new and young shooters. It’s simple enough to help new shooters gain some skill and confidence, and durable enough that it will last and always be there for them as they progress.

For younger shooters, the spacers allow them to lengthen the pull as needed, and they can start with the shortest barrel, upgrading as they grow. It’s perfect for those lazy summer days when you want to head out into the woods and can provide sufficient defense and survival protection if necessary.

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