Mossberg Handgun in Detroit, Michigan

Mossberg Handgun in Detroit, Michigan


For nearly 100 years Mossberg has been making affordable, quality firearms for a variety of uses. While technically a Mossberg handgun doesn’t exist, they do carry a range of shotguns with pistol grips for those with discerning taste.

Features of Mossberg Firearms

There are 3 pistol grip firearms available, and they do have a few features common across the board. The first is that they are all pump-action shotguns. The Compact Cruiser and Shockwave also have a short strap on the action to prevent your grip from slipping.

The longest barrel you’ll see is on the 500/590 Cruiser, at 20 inches, though it can also be found at 18.5 inches. The other two are much shorter, at 14 and 10.25 inches.

Ambidextrous safeties, positive steel to steel lockup, dual extractors, and anti-jam elevators for smooth action complete the common features lineup.

Why Choose Mossberg Handgun


Mossberg is well known for producing high-quality firearms, in both shotguns and rifles. They make their firearms ambidextrous so they can be comfortably used with either hand without needing modifications.

The overall make and design demonstrate Mossberg understands what people are looking for in a small shotgun, and they deliver. These firearms are made to last and to minimize or eliminate the chance of misfiring. Surprisingly accurate for a short barrel, it can easily be improved by adding a laser sight for from-the-hip shooting.

This is a maker who is trusted and used by law enforcement, military personnel, and homeowners for home defense.

Check Local Laws

Check your local laws before purchasing, as there are some peculiar regulations certain States have that may prevent you from owning one in your state.

For example, the 590 Shockwave is a legal firearm that does not require NFA paperwork, though it means that you absolutely cannot change anything about the firearm if you want to remain legal. The Compact Cruiser, on the other hand, will need NFA paperwork, as it is quite short barreled. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

Mossberg Handgun In Sterling Heights

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