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Mossberg has been an industry innovator since 1919, and their high standards continue today. The Mossberg handgun range covers slick designs and the tried and tested systems that have become industry standards.

Mossberg Handguns

While Mossberg usually focuses on rifles and shotguns, they do have a nice range of handguns available. The 715P pistol is a tactical pistol after the style of the AR15 pistols. While this pistol requires a little more work for cleaning and maintenance, the process is straightforward, with detailed instructions included. The 715P is incredibly accurate, with very little recoil, with an excellent feel to the trigger.

The Mossberg Shockwave is a pump action shotgun with a 14-inch barrel that is a legally available firearm. The distinction must be made, because on first viewing it, everyone expects it to fall under NFA restrictions. This shotgun is perfect for home defense, with great accuracy across the room distances of 10 to 20 feet.

The Cruiser has all your favorite features from the Shockwave such as the positive steel to steel lockup, dual extractors, twin action bars, and the anti-jam elevator. This gun is meant for home defense and takes that role seriously.

Mossberg handgun

Why Choose Mossberg

Mossberg has been industry innovators from the beginning. Many of those concepts used in Mossberg’s firearms have become the standards that other companies must meet. They also give excellent value for money, with their handguns having a reputation for reliability that is difficult to beat.

Mossberg builds to military standards, ensuring that their firearms are dependable and durable. The majority of their handguns are ambidextrous. If you’re still browsing or trying to decide which Mossberg handgun is right for you, give us a call. We have specialists who can answer all your questions. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

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