Mossberg Over Under Shotgun in Detroit, Michigan

Mossberg Over Under Shotgun in Detroit, Michigan

Mossberg Over Under Shotgun in Detroit, Michigan

Bird hunting, skeet shooting, and clay pigeon shooting all use shotguns, though the type used depends on your preferences. However, if you look, you’ll see on style appear again and again. A Mossberg over under shotgun is the perfect firearm for these sports, where accuracy, reliability, and durability matter more than the number of shots you carry.

Features of an Over Under Shotgun

An over under shotgun is a break action double barrel shotgun, with one barrel over the other. These shotguns are very simply put together, with few moving parts to deal with.

The barrels can be shot separately, with different types of cartridges in them. Most modern over unders have automatic ejectors, and all you have to do is cup your hand over it after breaking it open to have the spent shell in your hand. This also means that if you reload your own cartridges, you’re not hunting all over the place to find the shells.

Why Choose an Over Under Shotgun

Over Under Shotgun

Break action shotguns are far more reliable than anything else you may find, including pump action and semi-auto due to fewer moving parts. Also because of the fewer moving parts, they are more weather resistant than some other actions.

The lack of moving parts gives this shotgun greater durability and given proper care and treatment, can last long enough to be used by your grandchildren. Maintaining an O/U is simple, and can be performed by nearly anyone. Even removing the stock for cleaning is a simpler task.

It’s much easier to tell if an over under is safe for handling, just break it open, pop out the cartridges, and you’re good to go. It can be carried open, signaling that it is safe. Since the shells are removed by hand, this gun is truly ambidextrous, requiring no modifications to make it comfortable for left-handed use.

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