Mossberg Tactical Lever Action Rifles in Detroit, Michigan

Mossberg Tactical Lever Action Rifles
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The term tactical is often used to describe weapons and even clothing, to the point where people forget what it actually means. Tactical is meant to refer to gear that is more durable and reliable than other of its kind, as well as having features that give you an advantage in field situations. Mossberg tactical lever action rifles do provide those extra features as well as their customary high quality in firearms.

Features of a Lever Action Rifle

Mossberg’s tactical lever action rifle is the 464 SPX centerfire, a firearm whose design was based on that of an AR-15. The first feature of note is the SPX adjustable stock, which allows you to change the length of pull for greater comfort and maneuverability.

The rifle also has Picatinny tri-rails for adding optics, as well as coming with an adjustable 3 dot fiber optic sight. The rifle is already drilled and tapped to mount a scope, removing any possibility of error by those who may choose to customize their rifle. The ejection port is offset, allowing clearance if you choose to use added optics.

Advantages of a Tactical Lever Action Rifle

Lever Action Rifle

This particular rifle has no wooden parts, nor does it pretend to. Rather, it looks like a lever action AR-15. So you’re able to take it out in a variety of conditions, particularly damp and humid ones, and not have to worry about swelling wood. Or the opposite, too dry of conditions that cause wood to shrink and crack.

The 464 SPX is a great shooter as you’d expect from Mossberg, and as long as you’re in the 100 yards range, you get hard-hitting, reliable accuracy. The rail and space for scopes give you a wide variety of choice of sights and means you can get exactly what you want. Contact us for everything related to your firearms and ammunition needs.

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