Mossberg Tactical Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

Mossberg Tactical Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights


Lever action rifles are a part of American history. It just wouldn’t be the same without them, but people wonder if they have a place in the modern age. We say they do, and Mossberg tactical lever action rifles prove it.

Benefits of a Lever Action Rifle

The lever action’s simpler system was what made it unique back when it was introduced over a century ago. The short barrel makes it very maneuverable for confined spaces, such as thick brush or indoors, which adds to its tactical advantages. These rifles are accurate and quick to fire. With some training and minimal practice, a shooter could fire repeat aimed shots in rapid succession.

Mossberg’s Tactical Lever Action Rifles

The Mossberg 464 SPX Rimfire is their tactical take on a lever action rifle. The ejection port has been placed so that you can mount optics without interference and has a 3 dot adjustable fiber optic sight. The stock has six different positions it can be adjusted to, for improved grip. The shorter barrel keeps it maneuverable when on foot no matter what the terrain.

The Mossberg 464 comes in a few different varieties, from an 18 to a 20-inch barrel, and there is also some difference in the rounds they fire. You can choose between a .22 caliber and 30-30 Winchester rounds. They all have precision machined parts, however, and checkering over the stock for improved grip.

At IFA Tactical, we are familiar with the firearms we supply, and are gun enthusiasts ourselves. So give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you figure out which rifle works best for you.

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