Mossberg Tactical Rifle in Sterling Heights

Mossberg Tactical Rifle in Sterling Heights

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People want a tactical rifle for a variety of reasons, but the one thing they have in common is the desire for a quality rifle. With a Mossberg tactical rifle you are buying the highest quality from a company with a reputation for making superior rifles.

What Is A Tactical Rifle?

In very specific terms, a tactical rifle is one that’s designed to operate under the harsh conditions of combat. It must be robust, so even if it’s dragged through mud and brush, it will still fire reliably.

Tactical is a term that didn’t even exist for rifles until recently. Prior to that, a rifle might have a few traits that allowed it to survive, but it would require a lot of care by the soldier. Now, tactical grade firearms are readily available, which means that this rifle can be taken into the wilderness, on hunting trips through every terrain and still bag the game.

These rifles should be lightweight, able to mount a scope or sling and add a bipod as well.

Examples Of Mossberg Tactical Rifles

Mossberg Tactical Rifle in Sterling Heights

The Mossberg MVP LR Tactical rifle is a prime example of forethought and knowledge combined. This bolt action rifle has a wooden stock, with an adjustable comb and trigger, and a Picatinny rail. Made in a .308 Winchester, it is 37.75 inches long and has a ten round capacity.

The Mossberg M&P15-22 is a .22 caliber, lightweight rimfire rifle. It looks and handles very similar to an AR-15 and is more aimed at offering affordable practice and range time to law enforcement personnel who use the AR-15.

The Mossberg MMR Semi-Automatic Rifle is only seven pounds, has a synthetic stock and a 28+1 capacity. It has free-floating handguards and rails, which allows you to attach whatever extras you need, from lights to lasers to sights.

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