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Mossberg Tactical Shotguns

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Whether you’re looking for home defense or your profession makes it possible to be involved in live shooter situations, you want to make sure you have a reliable, accurate piece. Mossberg tactical shotguns have an excellent reputation for durability and reliability, and their accuracy is unquestioned.

What is a tactical shotgun

Barrel length is an important part of what makes a shotgun considered tactical. A shorter barrel, roughly 18 to 20 inches is preferable, as it gives you more maneuverability in confined spaces.

Short barrels, however, have legal restrictions. Contact us if you have any questions on the legality related to barrel length. You’ll need to make sure the action of your shotgun is quick and easy. This leaves you with a pump action or semi-automatic, though for our money we prefer pump action as this is slightly safer to have around the house. With some practice and training, a pump action can be almost as fast as the semi-auto.

Front and rear sights give you a better ability to aim, though there are some tactical shotguns that can be fired from the hip. Most people find having a stock makes firing easier and more accurate, but there are pistol grips available.

Mossberg’s Shotguns

Features of Mossberg’s Shotguns

While there are numerous variations in the line of Mossberg tactical shotguns, there are a few features common to all of them. Ambidextrous safety means you don’t have to get your shotgun modified if you’re a lefty, which is very handy. Dual extractors, positive steel to steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator complete the ensemble that keeps these shotguns firing smoothly.

Some more specialized features include a magazine fed shotgun, pistol grips, and even a completely legal 14-inch barrel shotgun. You can also choose to have an over under, a youth shotgun for those who are of smaller stature, or an auto-loader.

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