Outdoor Edge Folding Knife for sale in Detroit Michigan

Outdoor Edge Folding Knife for sale in Detroit Michigan

Outdoor Edge knives combine functional design with the sharpest edge holding steel and the best hand craftsmanship to create the greatest quality hand tool and knives for the outdoors.

The products are handmade and carefully developed, then they are field tested to make sure the performance is up to the highest standards.

They’re made with quality materials for years of reliability.

The knives come with a lifetime warranty.

Razor Replacement Blade System

Outdoor Edge came up with an innovative razor replacement blade system, so you don’t have to deal with dull knives again.

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of sharpening a blade, you can just simply push the lock button to remove the dull blade, then replace it with a sharp, new one, and the knife is like new.

Every knife comes with six replacement blades and a nylon sheath, which will last you for a very, very long time.

Outdoor Edge

Folding Knife Lines from Outdoor Edge

Some of the most popular Outdoor Edge folding knives include the Pocket-Lite line and the mini-knives line. Pocket-Lite knives feature a 3.2” Japanese AUS-8 stainless blade, handle scales for a secure, non-slip grip, and a double-sided thumb stud that allows for a fast deployment. The mini-knives come in three color variants, called the Mini-Grip, Mini-Blaze, and Mini-Babe. These fully functional mini-knives are perfect for wearing on a keychain or keep in a handbag. They feature a 2.2” stainless blade, a double-sided thumb stud, and handle scales for a non-slip grip even when wet. They may be small, but they are made with the utmost care, and they make the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

Outdoor Edge Folding Knife

If you don’t want to sharpen a knife again, or if you are looking for a fully functional knife that is small enough to fit in any pocket, an Outdoor Edge folding knife is what you need.

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