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Pump action shotguns, also known as slide action shotguns, are a class of shotgun with a unique way of ejecting old shells and chambering fresh ones ready to be fired.There are various advantages and disadvantages to pump action shotguns versus semi-automatic ones.

Pump action guns tend to be less likely to malfunction due to fouling. They can also chamber lighter cartridges that a semi-automatic would have difficulty in cycling. However, the drawbacks are that a semi-automatic will fire quicker and also require less movement from the shooter, so the aim is not interrupted.

Pump Action Weapons

The first pump action shotgun was designed by Alexander Bain of Great Britain in 1854, and in 1884 this was followed up by a pump action rifle manufactured by Colt, called the colt lightning carbine. The colt lightening carbine was adopted for use by th e San Francisco police department, but unfortunately, it proved to be neither as reliable nor as popular as the lever action firearms that were in use at the same time.

Other forms of firearms have also been developed with a pump action, the GM94 43mm was designed by the KGB and was used by Russian Special Forces, it was capable of holding 3 rounds situated in a tubular magazine situated above the barrel.

The U.S Army also used a similar weapon during the Vietnam War called the China Lake grenade launcher, used predominantly by the Navy Seals, it was said that a skilled operator of the China Lake was able to fire four grenades in quick succession before the first one had even hit the ground, such as the speed of these weapons. Unfortunately, only a few of these weapons were made, and only four are known to exist, all in museums.

Pump action guns for sale in Sterling Heights

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