Pump Action Rifle in Detroit, Michigan

Pump Action Rifle in Detroit, Michigan

Pump Action Rifle

With the number of rifle actions available, it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose. Our rule of thumb is to go with what feels right to you. For anyone who’s used to firing a shotgun and wants to make the switch, we recommend the pump action rifle.

Instead of having to train long hours to become proficient with a new action, it is possible to take your experience over to a rifle.

Advantages of a Pump Action Rifle

Pump action rifles have a slide located under the barrel that can be moved forward and backward to eject the spent cartridge and chamber the next. This style is great because it allows the shooter to reload without having to move either hand from its position.

The action is very simple, with few moving parts leading to a greater degree of reliability and ease of handling. This is also one of the few rifles that can be fired by both left and right-handed shooters.

Why Choose a Pump Action

Pump Action

A pump action rifle is easier to keep on target than lever action, as the recoil simply becomes part of the cocking motion. A pump is more reliable than an autoloader, which has a tendency to jam.

With experience, you can fire a pump action more quickly than a bolt or lever action rifle, and it can become a smooth, automatic motion. It has even been known for a pump action to outshoot a semi-automatic, with time, practice and skill on the part of the shooter.

Pump action firearms are the go-to weapons of law enforcement, who risk their lives daily, and have one major requirement – that the weapon work, no matter what. Pumps can deliver on this and have proven it, which is why they are the chosen rifle for many of our police forces.

Pump Action Rifle In Sterling Heights

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