Pump Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Pump Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Pump Action Rifle

There are five common types of actions in rifles, though one of the quickest and smoothest is the pump action rifle. This rifle is unique to North America, as it has never really caught on in other countries. Because of its ease of use and even action, it is a very comfortable rifle to handle.

What is a Pump Action Rifle

A pump action differs from other rifles in that the cocking mechanism is a slide located just under the barrel. This means that in order to fire, neither hand needs to leave its position. This is a vast difference from others, which require one hand – usually the trigger hand – to leave its position. In fact, as you fire the rifle, the recoil causes your hand to naturally slide back on the barrel. A pump action rifle simply makes use of this automatic action, allowing you to fire more quickly. With practice, an able handler can be as fast as an autoloader.

pump action shotgun

Why Choose a Pump Action

One of the beauties of a pump action is that the mechanism is ambidextrous, and requires no modifications for left-handers to use it. The naturalness of the sliding action allows you to line up just as the weapon has been cocked, which also speeds your firing abilities.

The rifles are remarkably accurate, particularly in the under 400-yards. The speed of firing and the accuracy make this an excellent gun, especially for those who enjoy testing their speed and accuracy. Those who are already familiar with a pump action shotgun will particularly enjoy this rifle, as the handling is so similar.

They are maneuverable, easy to handle, and can be stored hammer down, chamber empty, with the magazine loaded for quick access in case of home defense. It would only take a quick pump to chamber a round.

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