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Pump Action Shotguns

Pump action shotguns use a sliding loading system employing a fore end that can move backward and forward to eject empty ammunition rounds and load new ones in the gun’s chamber.

The shooter must manually chamber a round before it can fire.

Early History

The first pump action patent was issued in Britain in the mid-19th century.

Older pump-action shotguns were somewhat faster than newer ones, as they could shoot continuously for as long as the trigger was pressed down.

Advantages of Pump Action Shotguns

One of the main advantages of these shotguns is the speed at which they can be reloaded. Their loading system makes them faster than a bolt action or lever action gun.

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Another advantage lies in their cycling time being very short, and, especially compared to semi-automatic guns, they are considerably more affordable when it comes to price.

In fact, a good quality pump action can be priced at only three-quarters of the cost of a semi-automatic.

Pump action shotguns are ambidextrous: Left and right-handed shooters can use them without any special attachments.

They are known to be durable, low maintenance, and to function well even in dirty conditions. Pump actions are not as fast as a semi-automatic, but they are much more flexible when it comes to shooting different types and size cartridges.

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The simplicity and durability of these shotguns mean that with proper care the gun will last many years.

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