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Rifle Ammo

Ammunition is often referred to in terms of caliber, cartridges, or bullets.

The bullet is the metal projectile that sits inside what is called a cartridge.

Caliber refers to the bullet’s diameter, and the measurement can be expressed in millimeters or in inches.

There are many types of cartridges designed to be used with a rifle, and below we will list a few of the most popular ones.

Cartridge Sizes

Ammo comes in many sizes, and the type that you need to use depends on what rifle you have and what you intend to shoot with it.

Smaller game, such as a squirrel, requires a smaller cartridge. Bigger game will, of course, require something bigger with more stopping power.

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Most Common Rifle Ammo Sizes

The most popular rifle round is probably the .22 LR or Long Rifle. This round is perfect for hunting smaller game, it has low recoil, and it’s very good for beginners who are just learning how to shoot a rifle.

The .300 BLK, or Blackout, is a newer type of cartridge that was designed to make a larger bullet available for use in an AR 15 style rifle.

The 7.62x39 mm cartridge was made to be used with the famous AK 47; other rifles use it as well nowadays, and it’s good for hunting medium sized game.

Finally, the 5.56x45 mm round, the standard round for the AR 15 rifle, as well as for its military counterpart, the M16, known to be very accurate.

There are, of course, many other sizes, and it’s important to always use the recommended ammo for your rifle model. Using the wrong rounds can be dangerous or can damage the gun.

Rifle Ammo Sizes

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