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Amadeo Rossi AS, most commonly known as Rossi, is a Brazilian arms manufacturer founded in 1889. Located in the city of Sao Leopoldo, Rossi started by making revolvers and pistols. Amadeo Rossi is one of the main firearms manufacturers in Brazil.

The company’s guns entered the American market in the 70s through Interarms Virginia. Following that, they experienced great popularity in the United States. In 1997, Rossi founded their own subsidiary representative in North America, called BrazTech, which manufactures shotguns, hunting rifles, and the traditional Puma rifles. The company also produced its own line of airguns, known as Rossi Dione. Their production line of handguns and revolvers was bought by Taurus.

Rossi Guns

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Rossi Wizard

Perhaps one of their greatest innovation and addition to the history of rifle making is the Rossi Wizard. The design allows users to shoot with different popular calibers, plus the .22 Rimfire and .22 Rimfire Magnum and offers shotgun and muzzleloader barrels. The user can choose which type of barrel they want to use. The barrels can be changed easily and quickly.

Having the Wizard is like having 23 different guns in one. The Wizzard is a single shot, hammer fired gun, and it features a synthetic or wood stock.

This is a gun for all seasons, working for shooting and hunting all year round.

No Longer Available but…

Sadly, the Wizard is no longer in production, but other wonderful guns are still available from the Brazilian manufacturer. Among Rossi’s line of products, one can find the R46102 .357 Magnum cal., R35102 .38 Special cal., R46202 .357 Magnum cal., R35202 .38 Special cal., the Rossi Circuit Judge .410-bore/45 LC (carbine).

Rossi Wizard

Rossi guns are renown for being solidly built and resistant through time. They are affordable guns that can survive rough conditions. With an exotic touch, coming straight from the land of the Amazon, these guns can be a great addition to your collection.

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