Rossi Lever Action Rifles in Detroit, Michigan

Rossi Lever Action Rifles in Detroit, Michigan

Rossi Lever Action Rifles

If you’re here, it means you’re looking into lever action rifles, and Rossi lever action rifles, are the tough, durable rifle for those who want to test their skill in a hunt. Capable of being used in all kinds of weather, Rossi rifles are excellent at 100 yards, and with the right ammunition, are accurate at even greater distances.

Benefits of a Lever Action Rifle

Lever action rifles are very lightweight and more maneuverable than bolt actions, pumps, or semi-autos. While many will claim that they’re becoming obsolete, modern technology and machining have given new life to this American classic.

One of these improvements is in the ammunition available, which makes the rifles safer to fire, and can also increase the range of accuracy. Previously, lever action rifles were really only accurate within 100 yards. Now, that can be stretched even further, depending on the ammo you choose.

Why Choose a Rossi Lever Action Rifle

Rossi Lever Action

Rossi lever action rifles are the modern, working man’s answer to the Old West classic rifle. Sturdy and durable, it can be used in any weather and operate like it’s in perfect conditions.

While guns are only as safe as the person using them, Rossi has worked to make that as easy as possible by adding the Taurus Security System. This is a tiny lock that requires a special tool in order for the rifle to be fired. So you can rest peacefully, knowing that even if a child manages to break into the safe, there’s still that secondary safety measure to prevent accidents.

Rossi makes good quality rifles that fit very well and have a nice, smooth action at affordable prices. At IFA Tactical, we have specialists who can help you find the right model Rossi lever action rifle for you. We can even figure out which ammo will give you the performance you want.

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Rossi Lever Action Rifles In Sterling Heights

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