Rossi Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

Rossi Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

Rossi Lever Action Rifles

Rossi lever action rifles are the modern man’s cowboy carbine; the rifle that you take out with you with the intent of dragging it through the mud and putting it through its paces. If you’re looking for a working man’s lever action rifle, then Rossi is your brand.

Benefits of a Lever Action Rifle

A lever action rifle has a simplistic build to it that makes is very durable, and gives it very reliable shooting abilities under less than ideal circumstances. After all, this was first designed in the late 1800s, when these rifles spent most of their time outside, hanging from a saddle.

Lever action rifles have shorter barrels, which gives greater maneuverability in confined and brushy spaces. Remember, these were hanging from a saddle. Men needed to be able to draw and use it quickly, so the barrel can’t be too long.

It doesn’t take a shooter long to become proficient with this style, and a skilled one can fire so quickly it sounds like a drumroll. Accuracy with a lever action will depend a great deal on the skill of the shooter. These are not bolt action, and are designed for more rapid fire, but with practice and the right rifle, you can be very accurate at closer ranges.

Why Choose a Rossi Rifle

Rossi was begun in 1889 with the intent of making affordable rifles without forfeiting quality and accuracy. This is evident when you fire one and feel the smooth lever action and the light trigger fire.

Rossi lever action rifles are an excellent length and heft for home defense, and you can top up your magazine without opening the action.
These considerations by Rossi’s designers are only a few of the reasons why these rifles are great for the working man.

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