Rossi Single Shot Tuffy Break Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Rossi Single Shot Tuffy Break Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Shotguns are usually aimed at a specific crowd and task, and the Rossi single shot Tuffy break action shotgun is aimed toward those who want to shoot on a budget. Rossi makes shotguns that aren’t the most beautiful on the market but are durable, dependable and the perfect firearm for learning how to shoot.

Benefits Of A Break Action

Single barrel shotguns are much lighter than most other shotguns due to the lack of magazines or two barrels, making it much easier to take on hikes. The simplicity of the action allows break actions to handle any ammunition you’d care to load it with, so long as it fits.

Moving parts are limited to a hammer, hammer spring, and firing pin, so no magazine springs or bolts to worry about damaging. This all leads to an impressive level of reliability that’s not often seen in more advanced firearms.

What few moving parts are there are fully enclosed when the shotgun’s action is closed, so there’s less risk of water, dust, or dirt clogging the system. Even if that does happen, break actions are incredibly easy to clean, just break it open, and everything is laid out for you to see.

Features Of The Single Shot Tuffy

Rossi Single Shot Tuffy Break Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

The Tuffy is a .410 gauge, single shot, break action shotgun that only weighs three pounds. It has checkering over the stock and fore end for better grip in adverse conditions and a synthetic stock in the thumbhole style complete with a recoil pad. That is one thing to be aware of, the lighter weight of this shotgun means it will have a hefty recoil.

As with all Rossi firearms, the Tuffy is designed for function and form, not to look pretty. After all, this company has over 100 years’ experience in making a working, lightweight shotgun.

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