Semi-Automatic Guns for sale in Sterling Heights

Semi-Automatic Guns for sale in Sterling Heights

Semi Automatic Guns

Semi-automatic is the term used to describe a firearm that doesn’t need reloading after every shot. The force produced when a shot is fired automatically ejects the spent cartridge and then loads a fresh one into the firing chamber, enabling you to fire several rounds in rapid succession.

A brief history of semi-automatic firearms

The very first semi-automatic rifle was the Model 85 designed by Austrian gunsmith Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher in 1885. Mannlicher also designed one of the very first semi-automatic pistols – the Steyr Mannlicher M1894, which utilized a unique method of reloading called the blow forward action.

Usually, in a semi-automatic weapon, the recoil from the previous shot will force back the breech of the firearm to eject the cartridge and reload the next one. However, Mannlichers unique design actually used a static breech and used the recoil to blow the barrel of the Steyr forward in order to eject the cartridge. A few years later in 1902, John Browning started production of the world’s first semi-automatic shotgun – the Browning auto 5.

Semi Automatic guns for sale

This model proved to be one of the most popular shotguns for the next half a century, and in fact production of this model only ended as recently as 1999 which goes to prove its popularity. Due to the improved design and the obvious benefits of not having to reload after every shot, semi-automatic were introduced into police forces and armed forces as their weapon of choice. These guns are still widely used today around the world by various forces due to their effectiveness and rate of fire.

Semi-Automatic guns for sale

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