Semi-Automatic Handguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Semi-Automatic Handguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Semi-Automatic Handguns

Semi-automatic handguns, also sometimes known as self-loading pistols, auto pistols, or autoloading pistols, use the energy produced from firing a round to cycle the gun’s action and push the next round into position.

Each time the shooter pulls the trigger, one single round is fired. This allows the gun to reload faster than a revolver.

How Does the Mechanism Behind the Action Work?

In semi-automatic guns, the energy expended when the powder explodes and send the round down range does not go to waste.

The first round is loaded manually into the chamber, but after the first round is fired, the gun automatically ejects the cartridge casing and loads a new round from the magazine into the chamber.

The new round is ready to be fired as soon as the trigger gets pulled again, after which the process repeats itself.

Generally, semi-automatic pistols use recoil operation to achieve this, although some models use gas operation or blowback instead.

One signature feature of semi-automatic handguns is their single firing chamber, which remains fixed and aligned to the barrel.

Other handguns, such as revolvers, can also fire semi-automatically, but the rounds are fired from different, rotating chambers.

The majority of semi-autos possess a removable magazine located inside the grip.

Double Action

Most modern semi-automatic handguns feature a double action system, also known as DA. In this type of semi-autos, pulling the trigger to fire the first shot activates the hammer, which re-cocks automatically during the rest of the firing cycle.

Double Action

Semi-automatic handguns are fast shooting, and their magazines can carry a lot of rounds. They are the most popular type of handguns today, and they are perfect for self-defense. If you’d like to try one, you can find semi-automatic handguns for sale online or in our store. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

Semi-Automatic Handguns For Sale In Sterling Heights

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