Semi Automatic Shotguns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Semi Automatic Shotguns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Semi Automatic Shotguns

Shotguns are perfect for hunting game, shooting clay targets, or home defense. While all shotguns will do a good job in these situations, semi automatic ones offer some advantages that make everything even easier. Semi automatic shotguns can fire a shell every time the trigger is pulled, chambering each round automatically. The action is cycled using gas, blowback, or recoil operation. Most of them also have the option of a secondary, manual action.

What Are the Advantages of Semi Automatic Shotguns Over Other Types?

There are many ways in which semi autos are better than other types of shotguns. Especially if you are a new shooter, or if you simply like the idea of shooting a whole bunch of shells fast and with minimal effort. Most commonly, shotguns use a pump action to reload. That means the shooter needs to pump the forend into itself to release the spent cartridge and load a new one into the chamber. The shooter has to do this after every single shot. This can be time consuming and tedious. But with a semi automatic shotgun, this action is done automatically by the gun, allowing you to fire shot after shot in seconds.

Are They The Right Type of Gun for You?

Automatic Shotguns

Semi automatic shotguns are easy to handle. If the idea of keeping your eyes fixed on the target while firing a steady stream of shots sounds appealing to you, then you need to get a semi auto. Time is precious; forget about pumping and relocating every time you shoot. All considered, these shotguns can be a lot of fun!

If the description above sounds like something you’d love to own, come check out our collection of semi automatic shotguns for sale. You can visit our online store, or come take a look in person if you’d like. Contact us for everything related to your firearms and ammunition needs.

Semi-Automatic Shotguns For Sale In Sterling Heights

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