Shotgun Ammo for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Shotgun Ammo for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Shotgun ammo

Shotgun shells are cartridges that are usually filled with multiple small projectiles, although some of them only contain one large projectile, called a slug.

These projectiles used to be made from lead, but now other metals are used, together with some non-lethal versions made of rubber or beanbags.

Other Types of Rounds

Besides the most common shotgun shells mentioned above, there are several other types of rounds that are used in special situations.

Ferret rounds are made to penetrate thin barriers, while bolo rounds contain two big balls made of lead and connected by a wire.

The most dangerous ones include piranha rounds, which are filled with tacks, and dragon’s breath rounds, which contain certain chemicals that ignite upon firing.

As most shotguns are smoothbore barrels, most ammo shells are also designed for that type of barrel.

However, some shotguns have rifled barrels instead, which means they can only shoot lead slugs.

What Are Shotgun Shells Made Of?

One of the main components is the plastic case, the base of which is covered in brass plated steel. In the past, paper shells, as well as solid brass shells, were used in the past. The base of the shell is thicker, and it’s made like that so it can hold the primer. Shotgun primer is longer than the ones used for pistol and rifle rounds. Originally, the shells were filled with black powder, but today smokeless powders. Another component is the wad, which has the role in preventing the powder and the projectiles from mixing together. The wad also creates a seal that ensures the gas propels the shell out of the gun.


Shotgun ammo comes in different sizes and can be filled with different types of projectiles, but the principle behind all of them remains the same.

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