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Buying shotgun ammo online is a simple and effortless way to get your shells with minimal effort. Shotgun ammo for sale online can help you locate exactly the type of ammunition you’re looking for, which makes it an efficient and easy purchase.

Shopping online is particularly helpful for the shopper who knows exactly what they’re looking for but is short on time. It’s also a great option for those looking for hard-to-locate ammo.


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What Gauge?

Shotgun ammo comes in different sizes, referred to as gauges. A 12 or 20 gauge are the most common sizes. A 12 gauge is larger than a 20 gauge, as the numbers refer to the number of pellets or balls, that can be made from one pound of lead.

Which Ammo?

The three most common types of shotgun ammo are birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. Each has different uses and scatter in different ways when fired. Birdshot is typically used for hunting flying wildlife such as quail or ducks. The birdshot is made of tiny pellets or balls. When it is fired, it scatters. This makes it ideal for hitting a bird in flight.

Buckshot is similar to birdshot in that it’s made up of pellets or balls. However, these pellets are larger and can do more damage. This makes them good for hunting larger game, such as deer or elk.

slug is a solid shot, rather than one made up of pellets. Slugs can be the most damaging of the three types of shotgun ammo. However, you can buy slugs that that inflict less-than-lethal wounds including those made from rubber and wax.

Whichever type of ammo you’re looking for, finding it online can be quick and painless. Buy your shotgun ammunition now at our online marketplace or visit our brick and mortar location today.

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