Single Barrel Folding Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Single Barrel Folding Shotgun

Most of the time, a normal-weight 12 or 20 gauge shotgun is the perfect firearm, providing plenty of ammunition and power. There are times and situations where that can be a disadvantage, and a lighter weight gun is preferred. Enter the single barrel folding shotgun to give you that hefty hitting power without being unwieldy.

Features of a Folding Shotgun

Most shotguns that operate under the heading of folding usually have pistol grips and a folding stock, which isn’t what we’re really looking at right now. There are some few shotguns that open as if they’re break action guns but continue folding right around until they form a compact bundle.

While the exact sizes and ways of folding vary depending on the maker, what is standard is a lever that releases the shotgun to allow folding. Often, this lever also doubles as the cocking mechanism. These shotguns tend to be light, between 4.5 and 6 pounds, though the better ones weigh in on the lighter side.

One thing that doesn’t sit well is that the recoil hits hard. Since the shotgun is so light, there’s nothing to counteract the feel of the recoil, and it hits like the gun carries a much heavier load. It’s recommended that you purchase an additional recoil pad if the shotgun doesn’t already come with one.

Benefits of a Single Barrel Folding Shotgun

Single Barrel

A folding shotgun is perfect for those who want to be prepared in case they ever need to bug out. Its lightweight and folding frame allow it to be strapped to the outside of a backpack without adding too much weight.

A quality shotgun produced by a company with a good reputation will shoot as well as a traditional shotgun, and impress you with its portability. From being stored in the truck to being strapped to a pack, this shotgun is the perfect firearm for those who like to be prepared.

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