Single Pump Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Single Pump Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

There are shotguns that have achieved legendary status throughout history, and one such is the single barrel pump action shotgun. Ever since its conception by John Browning in 1893, the pump-action shotgun has been the favored choice by law enforcement as well as homeowners.

What Is A Pump Action?

A pump action is also known as a slide action and is where the rounds are cycled through the chamber by moving the fore end backward and forward. It is faster than a bolt action, and, depending on the skills, somewhat faster than a lever action as it doesn’t require either hand to be lifted and moved.

A pump action will have more felt recoil than a semi-automatic as there are no gas vents to reduce recoil.

Benefits Of A Pump Action Shotgun

Single Pump Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Pump actions are more reliable than semi-autos as these shotguns have fewer moving parts. Cleaning and maintenance are also easier and require less time and effort.

These affordable shotguns are an excellent choice for home defense with a variety of models geared specifically toward that purpose. Available in different lengths, the pump action is maneuverable and has multiple shots, enough to deal with an intruder.

Examples Of Pump-Action Shotguns

The Remington 81231 is an excellent example of a home defense shotgun, with an overall length of 26.3 inches and weighing only six pounds. Its pistol grip and short length make it very maneuverable, and the six available shots are enough firepower to stop an intruder.

The Maverick Arms 88 Combo is a solid example of the flexibility offered. It comes with two barrels, an 18.5-inch barrel for security and defense, and a 28-inch field barrel for hunting. Switching barrels is quick and easy, and allows you to save space by only needing one shotgun.

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