Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle

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In these days of complicated gimmicks, additional switches, and buttons galore, more folks are returning to simpler times. One way to really center yourself in the here and now is to hunt with a single shot bolt action rifle. Then, it becomes you, your rifle, and the target. No buttons, no frantic action, just breathe and squeeze.

What is a Bolt Action

The bolt action is one of the simplest actions for a rifle, right after the break. Essentially, the shooters manually eject the spent cartridge and chambers the next round by working the bolt located near the trigger hand.

For a single shot bolt action, there are three steps to chambering a new round. First, the bolt should be drawn back, ejecting the used casing. Then, the new round needs to be placed in the port, and finally, the bolt is shot forward and locked.

Advantages of a Bolt Action Rifle

The simplicity of the action makes it easier for beginners to learn how to shoot, which leaves more time to learn the nuances of aiming.

Single Shot Bolt

This same minimalism to the action makes field care easier to do under adverse circumstances, so if you happen to get mud in there, you can care for your rifle.

Bolt actions are held to be the most accurate, though a poorly made rifle will not live up to the potential. A quality rifle can be had for a reasonable price, however, and is well worth spending your hard earned dollars on as it will be with you for years.

These rifles are versatile in the cartridges they use, more so than a semi-automatic, as they’re available is a wide variety of calibers.

Once you have your caliber, you can use any kind of ammo in that caliber, and they’re incredibly reliable. This is largely due to the simplicity of design and is what makes bolt actions so dependable.

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