Single Shot Break Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Single Shot Break Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

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Found in single and double barrels, the single shot break action shotgun is the perfect start for people who want to get into using shotguns. These shotguns are a rugged, durable design that lends confidence to new shooters for its simplicity.

Why Choose a Single Shot Break Action Shotgun

Break action shotguns are much simpler to handle and learn how to operate. A first-time gun user doesn’t need to worry about the intricacies of safety or loads. If the shotgun is closed, assume it’s loaded, if the gun is open, it is safe and can’t be fired.

Cleaning and maintenance are quick, simple, and again, perfect for people just beginning. Most single shot shotguns are small and lightweight, making them ideal for youths and smaller adults. There are some, such as the Midlands Backpack shotgun, that are designed to be packed and can be taken out on overnight hunting and even camping trips.

If a shell is the right gauge, a break action can process and shoot it. Many companies allow changing gauges with a simple barrel swap, made easy with a break action.

Single Shot Break Action Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Examples Of Single Shot Shotguns

The Browning BT-99 Conventional is a high-quality sporting shotgun designed for American singles and handicap trap competitions. It has a beavertail forearm, black walnut stock with a 34-inch black bored barrel, and shell extractors. Simple, elegant, and durable, this Browning shotgun is a timeless, classic piece.

The ATI Cavalry Road Agent is a side by side shotgun with ATI’s patent-pending de-cocker system. The system automatically sets the lever to the safe position after loading and moving the lever to the de-cock position drops both hammers without firing. Featuring an 18.5-inch carbon steel barrel, a Turkish walnut stock, and forearm as well as two triggers, this shotgun can fire both barrels at one time.

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