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In today’s market, most knife makers are concentrating on turning out the latest tactical knife, and very few are still concerned about creating a gentleman’s knife. Fortunately, with Winchester’s Single Shot pocket knife, there is an affordable, classy option with a simple, modern look.

Features of the Winchester Single Shot

Winchester’s Single Shot is a small, lightweight pocket knife with a 2.2 inch, drop point blade made from 7Cr17MoV. This little knife also has a slip joint and a stainless steel handle.

Slip Joints

The slip joint is an older mechanism used to hold a knife open. It is a small bar on the back of the handle that puts tension forward, so it’s not considered a true locking mechanism. That makes the Single Shot perfect for those areas that don’t allow locking knives.

It’s essential that you only put pressure against the blade and never the spine, as the slip joint isn’t designed to handle that kind of pressure.

The Steel


The steel a knife is made from can seriously affect its function, and how often you’ll have to sharpen it. The Single Shot uses 7Cr17MoV, a budget steel that was modified from 440A by adding vanadium to the mix. The vanadium increases the steel’s strength, toughness, and wear resistance.

Of course, the quality of the steel depends on how it was made, so you know that a company with a reputation for high-quality products will treat the steel right.

Why Choose the Single Shot

Not every situation needs a tactical knife with a four-inch blade. Sometimes, all you want is a little knife that won’t look out of place at a board meeting or an office party. Which is where the Single Shot comes in handy. Its small size and non-threatening appearance mean you can use the knife around people without causing alarm or fear.

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