Tactical Folding Knives for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

Tactical Folding Knives for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

In this day and age, tactical knives have a wider range of uses than just for combat situations. Which is why we’ve seen a surge of tactical folding knives available. Now, they’re more like extra tough everyday carry knives, with a side helping of life-saving abilities.

Features of a Tactical Knife

The knife should have synthetic grips for easier cleaning, and be ergonomically shaped, so it fits in your hand well. There needs to be a solid locking mechanism since you’re unlikely to use just the basic back and forth motion with it.

An assisted open is important since one of the biggest detractors to a folding knife is that it takes longer to deploy than a fixed blade. With an assisted open, the knife can be deployed almost as fast, and it’s easier to find a place to carry it.

A tactical knife needs to have a strong tip with a sharp point and an ability to slash. Spear tips and tantos are the most popular and functional, with drop points coming in behind them. It’s generally recommended that the edge either be a straight edge or a semi-serrated, as they provide the most versatility.

Why Choose a Folding Tactical Knife

Tactical Folding Knives for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

A folding tactical knife is easier to carry, as it fits comfortably and easily in your pocket or bag and is close to hand. You don’t need any special way to safely carry it, like a belt or sheath.

Tactical knives are durable and designed to do more than just cut open boxes. With a single, solid blade they can be used to pry open crates, shave wood for a fire, and even to baton wood as well.

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