Tactical Hunting Knives in Sterling Heights

Tactical Hunting Knives in Sterling Heights

While many knives look similar to each other, the fact is that there are minute differences that affect how you can use it. With tactical hunting knives, they should be hunting knives that can be used in survival or combat situations if needed. There may be a few differences in the blade’s shape or size from a standard hunting knife.

Features of a Tactical Knife

A tactical knife should be durable, with a minimal number of moving parts. While you can get a folding knife if that works best for you, a fixed blade is preferred. Choose a knife with a strong, sharp tip. Spear points and tantos are very popular, though it really depends on how it was made.

If it’s a fixed blade, it should be full tang as that is what provides the most strength, and ensures the knife won’t break even if used as a pry bar. A solid handle is best, so you can then hammer on it if necessary, and be made of a synthetic material for resilience.

The knife should be a decent size, not too large or too small. Anywhere between 6 and 10 inches seems to work best, and from there you simply decide what feels best to you, and what you’ll be needing the knife for. The knife should also only have one edge, so you can use either baton it through wood, apply pressure to it, or any number of other things.

Tactical Hunting Knives in Sterling Heights

Why Choose a Tactical Hunting Knife

Having a hunting knife that doubles as a tactical knife means that there’s less for you to carry when you head into the wilderness. It also increases your chances of survival in those worst case situations as a tactical knife has more functionality than a plain hunting knife.

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