Tactical Scope Mounts in Sterling Heights

Tactical Scope Mounts in Sterling Heights

So now you have the rifle and scope, and you’re trying to figure out what kind of tactical scope mounts you need. It can be difficult to decide, with the variety available, and discussing it with specialists always helps.

Types Of Scope Mounts

There are two distinct types of rifle scope mounts available, each with its own attributes. One piece scope mounts are stronger, more rigid, but also heavier, so those who are going a long distance should take that into account. The added strength of a one-piece mount is great if you have a larger scope, and can give you the necessary eye relief to avoid injury. This mount is generally considered tactical for its increased stability and durability.

Two-piece scope mounts are simply rings that mount individually to the top of the rifle. It won’t provide as much height for the scope, and depending on the scope and rifle you have, this can be good or bad.

Scope rings are much lighter than a one-piece mount and fit better on certain styles of rifle, such as a bolt action. The rings are perfect for lighter weight rifles and can be switched between rifles more easily.

Tactical Scope Mounts in Sterling Heights

Why Choose a Tactical Mount

While tactical is a vastly overused word today, often meaning the item has been colored black, realistically, there is a valid reason for naming a product tactical. A tactical scope mount will be more durable than a regular mount, with a design that’s geared towards heavy duty work.

While it’s been noted that one piece mounts are more often tactical in nature, there are scope rings that are sturdy enough to be used for tactical situations as well.

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