Tactical Semi Automatic Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Tactical Semi Automatic Shotgun

A repeating shotgun has a variety of uses, but a tactical semi-automatic shotgun has one primary one. Its first intended use is for home defense, and everything about it is geared toward that goal. It can still be put to other uses, like skeet and clay shooting, or waterfowl hunting, but its first purpose is defense.

Features of a Tactical Shotgun

A good tactical shotgun is more likely to be used in a situation where multiple shots are needed, so it should have that capability. Pump action or semi-automatic are best, and the most practical, for home defense. The barrel should also be shorter, between eighteen and twenty inches, for better maneuverability.

Sling mounts allow you to attach the weapon to you. If you need your hands, you never have to put down the shotgun. Plus, if your attacker gets too close, a sling can prevent them from knocking the shotgun out of your hands or taking it away from you.

It should have a minimum five round capacity in a 12 or 20 gauge for best hitting power while reducing the recoil slightly. A stock is also the best option for grip, as a pistol grip is too unreliable in a stressful situation. Finally, a tactical shotgun should have front and rear sight, or even a red dot. Something to help you aim.

Benefits of a Semi-Automatic

Tactical Semi Automatic Shotgun

A semi-automatic allows the shooter to fire multiple rounds with the simple pull of a trigger. These shotguns are easier for a beginner to fire multiple rounds, and an experienced shooter can fire faster than a pump action.

It’s easier to use these shotguns one handed if you are injured, though reloading may take some work and practice. It must be mentioned that semi-auto shotguns are more ammunition sensitive, so be sure to use the correct shells.

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