Tactical Single Shot Rifle in Sterling Heights

Tactical Single Shot Rifle in Sterling Heights

A tactical single shot rifle is meant for precision work, whether in the field or on the range. While every person needs to learn the specifics of their craft, including long-range shooting, a tactical rifle offers great mechanical advantages.

What Makes A Rifle Tactical

When it comes to rifles, tactical means that you should be able to shoot someone in an exact manner, and hit where you’re aiming. It’s about quality over quantity, about precision hits, and about good shooting.

Bolt action rifles used to be the primary tactical rifle, and may still be, but the addition of a magazine has created a tiny bit of play that can have an effect. The best bolt actions, according to experts, are the ones that still just allow a single shot.

The rifle should have a solid stock, and an adjustable comb is an advantage. It should be capable of mounting a scope easily with plenty of eye relief.

Benefits Of A Break Action Rifle

Tactical Single Shot Rifle in Sterling Heights

Most single shot rifles are break actions, and these have a lot of benefits, starting with extreme reliability. There’s not a whole lot that can go wrong with a break action; there’s simply not enough moving parts to break.

These rifles can handle just about every type of ammunition you can give as long as it’s the correct caliber. Many break action rifles even have removable barrels so you can change calibers without having to purchase an entirely new rifle. Cleaning and maintenance are easy as the entire barrel is clearly visible when the rifle is open.

While any firearm is only as safe as the person using it, with a break action, it’s obvious that it cannot be fired when it’s open. Keeping it open when not in use assures those around you that the rifle is safe for the moment.

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Tactical Single Shot Shotgun In Sterling Heights

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