Tactical Single Shot Shotgun in Sterling Heights


In many cases, tactical means increasingly complicated, which means more chances of it not working, especially in the firearms world.

For that reason, a tactical single shot shotgun still has a place in the field.

With practice and the right add-ons, a single shot can compete with pump and semi-automatics. Though it may never win in competitions, it can be enough to make a difference in a real-world situation. The important thing is to keep it simple.

Features of a Tactical Shotgun

Most single shot shotguns are going to be break actions, and the barrel should be shorter, around 20 inches, but not shorter than 18 inches. The shorter length makes it easier to maneuver in confined areas such as inside a house or building.

To reduce the disadvantage of only having a single shot, a shell carrier that fits over the stock is recommended. While the capacity depends on the style, we suggest having space for at least 4 extra shells.

Advantages of a Single Shot Shotgun


These shotguns are incredibly reliable due to their simple design. With the mere press of a button or lever, the shotgun is broken open and ready to go. Some shotguns have automatic ejectors, and some don’t. From a tactical perspective, make sure the weapon has got an automatic ejector for faster shooting.

This style of shotgun is safer as well. Simply break open the shotgun, and it’s immediately obvious that it cannot fire a round. They’re very versatile with the shells used. It’s standard that if it fits, it fires, meaning that as long as it’s the correct gauge, it will shoot.

A single shot break action shotgun costs less than a semi-auto or pump action, which means that you don’t have to be rich to be able to defend your home. As long as you make sure you’ve bought from a solid brand from a reputable dealer, you’ll do fine.

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